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Etch™ delivers the most effective solutions for hospitals, ASCs and OBLs

Each modality across your hospital, ASC, or OBL requires dedicated solutions to achieve transformational results. Etch provides focused solutions for your most challenging environments.

Our solution for your cardiac catheterization lab. Supporting all structural heart, implant, coronary & peripheral, and arterial & venous interventions.

Our solution for your interventional radiology lab. Supporting all vascular and non-vascular procedures, including neuro, dialysis, biliary, and urinary.

Product Features

Etch Suite products are comprised of powerful, dedicated services that integrate with your current documentation and billing workflow.

On-Site Integration

Direct interfacing with EHR, hemo, inventory, and billing systems reduces data entry and ensures that our codes are output in a format compatible with your billing system.

CPT Code Generation

The most advanced and accurate coding solution in the industry, our patented, autonomous code engine generates correct CPT codes from physician documentation for same-day billing.

Coding Compliance Review

Review physician documentation and coding output immediately, with inventory discrepancies and day-of-therapy procedures flagged to ensure accuracy.

Structured Reporting

Report is generated in the structured reporting format recommended by physician societies, and includes graphical reports and simulated dictation.