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Document with accuracy and ease

Our intuitive user interface design comprises a unique combination of graphical entry and intelligent forms, ensuring minimal training required for both physicians and staff.

Product Features

Etch Clinic uses an intuitive graphical interface paired with our powerful coding and reporting engines to make documentation as quick and painless as possible.

Physician Dictation

Our unique graphical interface improves the speed and accuracy of physician documentation, greatly outperforming verbal dictation and template-based software.

CPT Code Generation

The most advanced and accurate coding engine in the industry, Etch instantly generates correct CPT codes and modifiers from physician documentation for same-day billing.

Structured Reporting

Report is generated in the structured reporting format recommended by physician societies, and includes graphical reports and simulated dictation.

The right fit for your outpatient lab

Etch Clinic is a lightweight addition to your workflow, with minimal install time required.

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